Jesse Zuretti
jesse zuretti

About Jesse Zuretti

Marvel Entertainment Composer & Sound Designer

In March 2018 I was hired to do some voice-over work for Marvel Entertainment, portraying the mighty Galactus. Lo and behold, and I’m now 30 music compositions deep for their creative universe. Aside from being incredibly honored, I’m actually mostly grateful for the opportunity to get my brain working in ways I never imagined before. Scoring comic book characters is just as challenging as it sounds. With each character comes a different style and vibe that really gets your musical toolbox opened up. I’ve composed everything from classical, jazz, electronic, into the realms of metal, rock, and your expected epic superhero music. Regardless of the character, this required removing all boundaries and limitations, just as the Marvel Universe has done since 1941. As of 2019, Jesse Zuretti is a member of the Society of Composers & Lyricists.







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