Mayones Regius 7M

This is the first Mayones sent my band - Binary Code -  in 2016; the most dashing top I've ever owned. Quilted maple has such a great complexity to its dimension; you really need to get your eyes up close to it to see the dune-like quality to it. The neck has an almost human-like feel to it; 11-ply construction gives the guitar incredible relief stability.


A guitar that gives the leading USA custom shops a run for their money:

I'm very fortunate to have worked in the musical instrument industry for all of my working life (16 years as of 2018). I've had a chance to hold the nicest instruments built in the entire world, which has given me quite a standard for guitars I personally use. When I first saw a Mayones guitar in the hands of my friend Bart from the band Textures, I noticed how much it looked like a refined version of what I thought was the highest caliber guitar at the time. Years later, I started officially using "Mayos" and can attest to the master craftsmanship. 


Bare Knuckle Pickups: I'm the Juggernaut

This guitar features dual Juggernaut pickups, designed by Bare Knuckle Pickups and Misha Mansoor from Periphery. They're ceramic and alnico, which lends a great balance of tone and capabilities that not many other pickups in the contemporary market offer. Naturally, this guitar also has push-pull function for moments when I need a strat/twang tone. 


Hipshot SK1 Tuners: Avoid Tuner Snagging!

My original idea behind using the SK1 tuners by my friends at Hipshot Products was to avoid having my tuners banged into or snagged by cables/hair/etc. These tuners are knurled metal and resemble a tire valve cap more than they do a Kluson-style tuner. The lack of the wing-like structure helps avoid detuning if bumped into. Such SMOOTH tuning increments!

All photos © Jesse Zuretti

All photos © Jesse Zuretti