Jesse Zuretti has been a music composer & sound designer for Superhero & Supervillain megaminds Marvel Entertainment since April of 2018. It all started when Jesse voiced the Mighty GALACTUS in a Marvel Earth Day video. This year - 2019 - will see over 30 compositions credited that currently sits at well over 20 million global views at the midway point of this year across social media platforms alone. Jesse works directly with a creative team located across the country and world to complete character-specific music to accompany excellent visuals. Jesse also works directly with several of the Film composers for movies we all know and love as a consultant and contracted editor.

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Member of the Society of Composers & Lyricists

The Society of Composers & Lyricists has been bringing together creators since 1945 to foster community, further our understanding of our craft, and to have a voice in the decisions that affect our future. Advisors & Members include: Hans Zimmer (Interstellar, The Dark Knight), Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings), Alan Silvestri (Avengers: Endgame), Pinar Toprak (Captain Marvel), Michael Giacchino (Spider-Man: Far From Home), as well as Hall of Famers Bernard Herrmann, and George & Ira Gershwin.

Music Speaks: Educating & Inspiring

When a musician starts taking steps towards success, it can often be difficult to remember what it’s like to be taking the first steps you took towards your path as a creative. Jesse has been asked to speak at numerous colleges, film schools (LA Film School, Tribeca Institute, NY Film Academy, AFI) universities (William Paterson - Jesse’s Alma Mater, Montclair State, University of Denver), about the path to success with music, and how to stay determined and focused without losing steam. The concept of seeing that a door may close, but another one opens, is probably the greatest struggle a musician faces. Jesse plans to continue using his free time to continue to try and be a source of inspiration for those following the same path of creativity.

Musician with no Bounds

“What style of music do you play?” is a question that could be returned with a 5 minute answer. But in summary, Jesse takes influence from many genres and composers and musicians to create compositions within the Film, TV, and Commercial Industry. It’s actually presented itself as a great opportunity to add flavor to an otherwise homogenized musical landscape. Bjork, Nine Inch Nails, Samuel Barber, Wayne Krantz, Porcupine Tree, Meshuggah, Tchaikovsky, Penderecki, Shostakovich, Hans Zimmer, Thom Yorke, Pat Metheny, Johans Johannsson, Hildur Guðnadóttir - are just a few names that pop into mind when describing the emotional and tonal landscape integrated into many compositions.

Binary Code Founder

Jesse has been recording and touring with his band, Binary Code, since 2004. Binary Code is preparing to release their next full-length album in Fall of 2019, which features Jeff Loomis of Nevermore/Arch Enemy, and features custom painted artwork by Eliran Kantor (Bloodbath, Testament, Soulfly). The new album ‘MEMENTO MORI’ features classical orchestral brass & string elements as well as vintage synthesizers. The band has seen many different stages of evolution, starting as a technical metal band, and currently sitting in the progressive post-metal ether. The band has toured Internationally with Norwegian Prog band Leprous, as well as dozens of other National tours. Jesse has also toured the US & Canada with German/Swiss band The Ocean on 2013’s Summer Slaughter Tour w/ Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean, Periphery, and Animals as Leaders.

Current Endorsements & Philosophy

Photo by Jesse Zuretti

Photo by Jesse Zuretti

Many musicians use endorsements as a means of getting discounts and a status of success. Jesse is determined to establish a much less superficial relationship with companies and products he uses in an effort to garner a reciprocal relationship with companies that would be used regardless of an officiating. Jesse was also a Creative Director for a Musical Instrument Company, Performing Arts Center, and School - which ended up in a fascination with photographing and videographing instruments for creative content.

Currently endorsing: Toontrack, Eventide, Ernie Ball Strings, Aristides Guitars, Mayones Guitars, Line 6 Pedals & Electronics, Positive Grid Amps, Bare Knuckle Pickups, Joey Sturgis Mixing Tools, Focusrite Interfaces & Hardware

Currently administering loyal and long-term use of: Native Instruments Keyboards, Steinberg Cubase, Mono Bags, Sennheiser Microphones, Spectrasonic Omnisphere, Spitfire Audio plugins, Sonic Academy Kick 2, AVID Sibelius