Aristides Matte Black 070 HSS Guitar

This guitar was custom built for me by the fine Aristides folks in the Netherlands. Pascal and crew have been amazing people to work with, and I truly feel like I've found perfection in this build. I've phrased it as "The closest thing to a signature guitar I've ever had."


What's so special about it?

Well, for starters, there's absolutely ZERO once-living element of this guitar - meaning there's no wood! This guitar is built of out space-age material they called ARIUM, concocted in the Aristides laboratory. Aside from that sci-fi level fact, this 7 string guitar is also in the Hum-Single-Single configuration (HSS), which is rather uncommon (albeit not the first time it's been done). Metal guitarists tend to prefer Hum-Hum (HH) guitars, and if they want a chime/twang tone, they tend to just do push-pull functions on the volume/tone knobs. This guitar - very fortunately - also features a push-pull on the volume pot for the bridge! 


Bare Knuckle Pickups: tone for a Golden God

The wonderful team at Bare Knuckle Pickups (UK) gave the Aristides wizards a rather unusual set of pickups for my guitar: Juggernaut bridge (in my Mayones Regius 7m) and Slow Hand singles in the middle & neck position. This guitar sounds like a strat when it needs to - and I don't mean "kind of".


Hipshot Hardware: Bruce Wayne approved

I've been working with Hipshot for years now, and Jason has always sent me such cool stuff to put on my guitars. I truly love everything I've ever been sent for my guitars. I'll probably change the tuners out for SK1 tuners as a matter of insurance for the live performance side of things (they don't catch). 

All photos © Jesse Zuretti

All photos © Jesse Zuretti