Hello, I’m Jesse Zuretti - I’m a professional Audio Composer & Designer, having most recently worked with Marvel Entertainment on their series Today In Marvel History. I’m also author of articles for Reverb.com and LP.Reverb.com as a creative writer. When I’m not moonlighting, I’m a full-time Creative & Marketing Director for a multi-million dollar musical instrument company.

The Story

Working with my company has given me the ability to give the eCommerce side of the business a full resurfacing of the digital and physical facade. With the photography composition (production and post-production), photo editing, graphic design, digital and print marketing, and guidance of my half-life, 16 year musical instrument industry expertise, I’ve been able to find success in helping the family-owned business grow.

My first love for photography began when I was a pre-teenager attending the Santa Fe New Mexico Boys & Girls Club. My mother worked there as the educational director, and I used this to a slight advantage: I fibbed his way into the Photography Club by saying I was a teenager (the requirement for the club) when I was in fact 10 years old. There I learned how to develop photographs and use SLR cameras. When my age was revealed to be too young for the club, the Photography Club director, Leslie, allowed me to stay based on my desire to learn. 

As a graphic designer, I first began doing artwork for his band - out of necessity - in 2004. It then transpired into doing artwork for local bands in the area, and then eventually all over the world. The artwork would be used for album covers, merch designs, website designs, logos, etc. 

I formed Binary Code in 2004 - which I presently pursue. I have been the primary composer for the band throughout their duration - having also engineered some of Binary Code's releases. I’ve engineered and produced releases from local and tri-state area bands - as well as performed guest guitar solos for several projects.  I has toured internationally over the past decade with Binary Code on tours with Norwegian prog band Leprous, USA's Revocation, France's Hypno5e, USA's Rivers of Nihil - as well as separately as a crew member for Germany's The Ocean Collective on the 2013 Summer Slaughter Tour featuring Dillinger Escape Plan, Periphery, Animals As Leaders, Norma Jean, and more.

A 16 year Musical Instrument Industry veteran, I have learned everything from how instruments perform and work, their composition, their tonal characteristics, how they are marketed and sold, as well as growing a network with hundreds of musical instrument industry companies. I have worked with the two leading big-box musical instrument retailers (Sam Ash, Guitar Center), as well as electro-mechanical piano manufacturer and repair/supplier Vintage Vibe. I also endorser (for his work with Binary Code) of Polish boutique guitar & bass monolith Mayones Guitars, space-age technology guitar wizards Aristides Instruments from the Netherlands, Bare Knuckle Pickups from the United Kingdom, Gravity Guitar Picks (Sweden), Hipshot Products of the USA, Joey Sturgis’ JST VST Plugins, and VST tools from Develop Device .


Photo of Binary Code (Jesse Zuretti left, Oded Weinstock, foreground Austin Blau, Connor Appleton, and Pj Spilletti right) taken by Yahav at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY 2/21/2018